Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Three Year Olds

Is it only my three year old who talks incessantly about  nothing at all?  Is it only my three year old who can ~ and will! ~ chatter for twenty minutes about a single subject if no one stops her?  Is my three year old the only one who does not understand that when she says "Mom, can I ______," I need ten seconds to actually think about it and get the words from my brain to my mouth?  Because lately, all I keep hearing is, "Mom-can-I-have-some-water?-Mom-can-I-have-some-water?-Mom-can-I-have-some-water?-Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom-MOM-I-SAID-CAN-I-HAVE-SOME-WATERRRRRRRRRR???????"

I swear, this had better improve sometime between now and her fifth birthday, so that I have a few years to recuperate before she turns twelve and it starts all over again.

I'm pretty sure this is one of the things I was thinking about three years ago when I told God I only wanted boys.

Good thing He doesn't always listen when we tell Him what we want.

Because she is my daughter.  For a long time, I wasn't sure if I would ever have the chance to say the words "my daughter."  And now that I have it, I am very grateful for it.  Because she is so much more than a couple of toddler phases stacked on top of each other.  She is loving and affectionate and thoughtful and sympathetic, she loves to learn and know and understand things, she is full of life and energy and cheerfulness (most of the time).  She reminds me constantly with her questions about God, what it really means to have Faith like a Child.

Our Father has graciously and mercifully entrusted her to my care, and I thank Him every day for it.

Even on the days that I wonder how much longer the non-stop chattering phase will last.


  1. My four year old boy is the same way! It's not just girls :-)

  2. My brother was the same way!! We knew if it was quiet that he was either in trouble or sleeping :)