Friday, June 25, 2010

June Update

On second thought, maybe a monthly update is the key...

We've had a great month so far.  I started it off with a new haircut and highlights, both of which I am loving.  We also met with a mortgage specialist through our credit union, who hooked us up with an independent broker.  He has been very helpful, and we have spent the month doing paperwork and making phone calls and gathering information, and are getting ready to fill out a pre-approval application.  I am both excited and wary, and very prayerful; our family needs more space, and I know that God will continue to meet our needs as He always has.

Ryan was finally released from wearing the boot on the foot he fractured in Kansas.  After eight weeks, the fracture was finally healed!

The second week of June, we were blessed with a three-day visit from my best friend Shannon!  We enjoyed every minute of her visit, and the kids can't wait to see Aunt Shannon again :).  The day Shannon left, Hunter got out of school, and a bunch of my mom's family arrived for a mini-family reunion and to celebrate my cousin's graduation from high school.  It was a very busy five days, with lots of driving, lots of food, and lots of fun with family.  While they were here, Kaleigh turned 4, and it was fun to have so many family members here to help celebrate!

We took a week off from school and visitors to relax and chill.  Then we started summer school at home.  This was our first week, and it went well.  Hunter read his first book in three days, and is learning to spell words twice as long as the words he was given by his fourth grade special ed teacher.  He is also learning some new math techniques, which I believe will help him better understand numbers and his own mathematic ability, which development has heretofore been neglected.

Yesterday we drove up to Sheboygan to visit my cousin and see her new house.  We all had fun, and it was great to visit with her.  Then we booked it down to my mom's house for my Pampered Chef party.  Today we are holding our first day of summer school cooking class; in the interest of starting off learning about simple and healthy snacks, we are heading down to a natural foods store to pick out the ingredients to make our own trail mix.  I'm not sure who's more excited - the kids, or me!