Friday, August 19, 2011

Busy Summer!

I have sorely neglected the blog this summer :(.  But in my defense, it has been the busiest summer I have ever had in my life!  If you had told me two years ago that life would be even busier when I stopped working outside the home, I would have politely chuckled and nodded while thinking, "Yeah, okay."  But it's true.  My life has never been busier (although my first year of fostering while also working full time outside the home *might* make this a tie for the busy-ness award).

At the time of my last entry, we had just gotten back on the dual foster/adopt list and were getting ready to go on a family vacation.  Since then, we (obviously) went on vacation (which was very fun for all involved), I took and completed my final class and field placement (the two year olds I worked with were a blast!), we got most of our new furniture (still waiting on two pieces that were on backorder, as well as a shelf that they delivered damaged and is also now on backorder!), and have had quite a few people over to visit (I just LOVE having the room to invite people over!)

We did NOT have time to do summer school at home, as my field placement took up a LOT more time than I thought it would.  Therefore, though I would normally start our autumn term right after Labor Day, we are going to begin reading and math on Monday, and focus on those subjects for two weeks before throwing the rest of the subjects into the mix on Tuesday the 6th.  I could have started summer school three weeks ago when my class and field placement ended, but I decided instead that I would rather have the time as a *real* summer vacation with my kids, with neither of us having to focus on academics.  So we have done some summer crafts, played games, watched movies, baked and cooked and just generally had some good fun before jumping back into school.

I discovered some... disturbing news a few weeks ago.  I can't really give details, since this blog is open to the world wide web and all its viewers, but it is foster/adopt related, and has caused me to have even less faith in the system than I had before, if that is possible.  Grievous errors have been made which affect not only us, but other foster parents, and possibly our children in the future.  I hope to be able to give more details in the future - I hate leaving people hanging - but there is no way to know right now what will happen.  Please just keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as there are many difficult decisions to be made, NONE of which are under our control.

I finally went out and found some houseplants, something I knew back in February I wanted to do here.  I started with three, and hope to add to them in the coming months, as I continue to unpack and organize.

Speaking of which, no, I am not unpacked yet.  But I am getting there.  The lack of one bookshelf is putting a serious cramp in this plan, as well as the lack of storage in the office area.  Still trying to figure out how I am going to accomplish the storage of office supplies.

I am very much looking forward to a few hours alone with my hubby tomorrow.  It's been about three weeks since we had some time alone that was not late at night after kids were in bed.  We don't have any "major" plans other than being alone together and just "hanging out."  :)

I am seriously going to try to update regularly this year.  I am looking forward to what this school year is going to bring for us, with more space and opportunities, both in the house and in our new town, and I am excited about sharing the journey as we go!

p.s.  I can't believe I have a sixth grader!  I'm not old enough to have a sixth grader!  ;-)