Friday, April 23, 2010

Just a Number

I'm starting to realize something.  I have this weird feeling about the parents of Hunter's friends.  And today, the reason for that hit me.

This is a community in which women began having children when they were my age, or maybe a few years younger.  Even mothers whose oldest is the same age as my youngest are several years or more older than I.  Not one of the mothers in our community had her first child at the age of 19.  Ergo, Hunter's friends' mothers are 5-10 years (or more) older than I.  In a lot of places, that wouldn't matter; but this community happens to be one where it does.  Five to ten years or more makes for a pretty big gap, even in your twenties and thirties.

Of course, it might also be important to note that I have different interests than they do.  I probably also have different values and priorities than most of them.  Granted, you can find that pretty much anywhere, but here it's prevalent rather than occasional.

Which is, of course, one reason we believe finding a church to be important.  Unfortunately, we've been searching since before we were married and still haven't found one to call home.  Which is an entirely different entry altogether.

I realize this post is a bit of a ramble and lacking a central goal or main point.  Its only purpose is really just to express the thought that hit me suddenly and with a bit of a jolt.

The funny (strange, not haha) thing about it is that I don't feel like a "young" mother until I really think about the numbers.  The feeling that my son was born when I was 19 is an odd one, to say the least.  Thankfully, I have more important things to occupy my thoughts these days.  

After all, my eldest is just two days shy of being a decade old!

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