Friday, June 21, 2013

Family Vacation 2013 Part 2 - Fun Times in Maine!

**Wedding pictures will be coming to FB only. 

Once we got through the wedding, we had a family vacation to focus on!  I had been doing some research for a couple of months prior to vacation, and came up with several fun activities for us to do while on the trip.

For our Sunday adventure, we headed down to Cape Elizabeth with my parents to visit some lighthouses and a lobster shack. The kids all ate their first lobster!

Here is the first lighthouse we saw.  The kids enjoyed skipping rocks into the inlet of the Atlantic Ocean:

Here are the second and third lighthouses we saw, as well as a couple of other interesting items:

I also got some really cute pictures of the girls with my mom, but I don't get to post those here.

Our Maine adventure for Monday was something Randy has been wanting to do for a long time, and was the ONE thing he wanted to make sure we did while in Maine.  We went on a whale-watching cruise in the Atlantic.

Here are some pictures from our beautiful two-hour drive up the coast of Maine to Bar Harbor:

Here we are having our snack in the park before getting on the boast for the cruise:

Here are some pictures from the ship we were on for the whale-watching cruise:

Acadia National Park:

The mountains on the coast:

Unfortunately, I don't have any other pictures from the cruise, because Liam and I then got seasick and spent the rest of the trip sleeping (Liam) and trying unsuccessfully not to throw up (me).  Before falling asleep, though, Liam threw up all over me and a little bit a second time on Randy.  It's going to be a long time (like forever) before he or I go on a boat again.

Randy and the big kids had a blast and ended up seeing 6 or 8 whales, some seals, and some puffins.

By the time we got a couple of things from the gift ship (including a new shirt!), stopped at a McDonalds to clean up a little better and change shirts, got the kids some supper for the car ride back, and settled in for our two-hour return trip, I was just glad the day was over.

My parents had picked up some live lobster while we were gone, and made us a yummy lobster dinner, after Liam and I had a shower and all the kids were in bed, of course.

I was very thankful that we had planned for Tuesday to be a day to relax.  Mom and I found a laundromat and did some laundry.  On the way back, we picked up Moody's whoopie pies for the kids (little and big).  It was just a generally laid-back day.

All in all, our time in Maine was very enjoyable, and no one could deny that it was an adventure!

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