Monday, February 7, 2011

Things to Do Today (and a little bit of randomness)

We stopped and got some packing supplies this weekend, so I am going to continue packing up the living room today.

I also have laundry to do, an assignment for my online class, and a class to go to tonight.

Our home inspection is on Friday.  As of right now, we are taking all the kids with us.  Ryan hasn't seen the house yet, so we are going to take him out of the afternoon of school to go along and see it.  I have some reservations about this, but it could be his last chance to see it before we move; and it's really Randy's decision anyway.

One other project I'm doing is furniture shopping comparisons.  We've been to two places so far, and I've taken down prices for the items we will need when we move in.  We have at least one more place to check out.

Our taxes are completely filled out; there are two things I am waiting for before I can send them in: the kids' new social security numbers and the 2010 adoption tax form that the IRS has yet to publish.  Then we have to print and snail mail them, but we will be sending them priority overnight, so it won't really be snailish.  Hopefully the IRS won't be snailish with them either.

Oh, and I could not call myself a proud Cheesehead if I didn't mention the Packers' awesome Super Bowl victory! WOOHOO!!


The kids' new social security cards came today.  They weren't given new numbers; their new names were simply assigned to their old numbers.

For those of you who think, "What's the big deal?" there are several people out there who know their old numbers.  All of these people are 100% untrustworthy.  I have no doubt in my mind that one of them will - if he/she hasn't already - use their numbers for any variety of things not the least of which is credit, because this person has a warrant out for his/her arrest.  One of the last things I want my kids to have to deal with is a trashed credit score before they are even teenagers.  

They also spelled my daughter's middle name wrong.  Even after I looked it over and confirmed that everything was spelled right on the screen at the person's desk. 

Needless to say, I have to go down there again and fix this.  But I'll be waiting until after we receive our tax refund, since I don't want to risk holding that up.

The bright side is that no one tried claiming them on their taxes last year, so I don't think anyone will this year either.  The person who might try that (same as above) probably doesn't file taxes, with that warrant and all.

Anyway.  BOO to government agency workers who don't care about doing their job well.

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