Tuesday, March 22, 2011

36 Days / Packing Update

This past weekend, Randy and I spent a couple of hours packing in the basement.  Well, I was packing; he was going through paperwork and either tossing or setting aside for filing or shredding.  I got about half of my craft items packed.  That is, candle-making supplies, jewelry-making supplies, cross-stitching: all packed; sewing and scrapbooking: not packed, mostly because they are all in their own containers or storage, and I'm not sure whether I should just transport them that way, or pack them into larger boxes so I can let the movers take them without worrying about them.  Still debating that one...

Yesterday I either packed or bagged for Goodwill all of Kaleigh's books except: our favorite, Where the Wild Things Are, 4 Care Bear & Rainbow Brite books my cousin lent her, and a couple of activity books (colorforms, magnet book, etc.).  Lest you think I am totally cruel and heartless, the top of the box is open; she's not allowed to get into it, but if she gets tired of the books she has, I can take out a couple at a time while still keeping the majority of them packed.

We also went through all of her toys together, throwing away some "garbage-y" toys (old happy meal trinkets, broken pieces, toys in rough shape that she never plays with, etc.) and organizing everything that was left.  I packed all of her games and more involved items that we keep put away anyway, and told her that if she doesn't keep her toys organized and put away, they will be getting packed.  This should be interesting.  I think her dress-up clothes will get packed soon.

The next few things I am mentally planning to attack are packing a few random items of clothing that are either too small or too big for Kaleigh, bagging some clothes that the boys pulled out for Goodwill, starting to pack up parts of the kitchen that we don't use regularly, and gathering up movies and CDs and packing the CDs.  Not sure where to go after that, but I think I'll take care of these steps first and see where that leaves me.

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