Monday, March 26, 2012


Well, the next phase of the Shan Clan journey begins officially on Thursday.  

The kids and I will pick up K3 (this is what I will call her here; sort of a private joke, and I want to protect her privacy anyway) around 9 Thursday morning, and she will spend the day with us.  We will plan to have a pretty "normal" day - maybe a playground, some playing at home, lunch, reading some books.  She will be picked up around 2:30 for her visit with her bdad, so it will be a relatively short day; I suppose that is best for the first day visit.

Then she will be with us both Saturday and Sunday (no overnight yet).  K2 and I have choir practice Saturday morning, and then we have church Sunday morning; so both days we won't be able to pick her up until about 12:45.  But, we will keep her until after supper; and on Sunday, she will come with us to family brunch and meet everyone.  

The following Tuesday and Thursday, she will come spend the day with us again; we will have a longer day on Tuesday, as I will be taking her back to her foster family around 6, on my way to Milwaukee for a hair appointment.  

The following weekend is Easter weekend, and we will pick her up Friday afternoon, and she will be with us until Sunday evening.  The week following will be spring break both for us and for her foster family, so we will not do any day visits that week.  The other foster family will get to spend some time with K3 before she leaves them, and the Shan Clan will take some time to regroup and do some fun stuff as a family before we grow again.  

Assuming all visits have gone well and K3 seems to be a good fit for our family, she will move in Saturday, April 14.

Three short weeks until our family is potentially one child more blessed!


  1. How exciting! So if I want to visit, I *really* ought to come before Thursday? Or after April 14th?:-)

    1. It *really* doesn't matter that much. The more the merrier :-). And I'm sorry we haven't made it out that way in awhile either... :-\