Monday, April 2, 2012


Well, we had a very nice - if very busy! - weekend.  Kaleigh and I got up early Saturday morning and headed to church for choir practice.  We were there for a couple of hours, then I met up with a friend for a little while before dashing up to K3's foster home to pick her up for the afternoon.  We hung out at home for a couple of hours, and the girls enjoyed playing together; then we went to my mom's for dinner.  My mom and dad, Kevin, and his girlfriend Hallie, all got to meet K3 for the first time.  Of course, they loved her.

Sunday morning, Kaleigh and I were up and out early again, as we were both singing in both church services.  K2 had a little trio part in one of their songs, and she did a GREAT job!  It was so fun to watch her enjoy singing up there, since I was painfully shy at her age (still am), and you couldn't have convinced me to sing a part like that to save my life!  After church, Randy and I swapped cars (he needed mine in order to bring the baby to church, and I needed it back in order to pick up K3!), and Ty and I went to pick up K3 while Randy took Hunter and Kaleigh to meet the rest of the fam for brunch.

At brunch, Clint, Brittany, and Ava were able to meet K3 for the first time.  I think approval is unanimous.  She is a little shy when first meeting the big people, but seems to warm up pretty quickly.  She is very sweet and I think will be such a joy and blessing as part of our family!

A few days ago, when the forecast was 65 for Sunday, we were planning to find a park after brunch.  But by Sunday morning, the forecast had changed to 40; so we went home and chilled for awhile.  Then Randy took the big boys to the golf store, and I took the Littles to my mom's house to meet up with my cousin for a little visit and so that SHE could meet K3.  Then we had just enough time to dash home, grab the boys, and rush K3 back to her foster home.  Then we stopped at a friend's house so Randy could try to unclog a pipe that had been clogged since Friday morning - which he did quite successfully.  I am married to an awesome man :-).

Both nights, we had to have her back by 6:30 so she had some wind-down time before bed; so it made for two rather short days.  However, we will have her for a longer day tomorrow, another relatively short day Thursday (she gets picked up at 2:30 for a visit), and then Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon Easter weekend.  Then, Lord-willing - and it looks like everything is headed that way - she will be moving in the weekend of the 14th!


  1. I'm glad it's going well!:-)

  2. Woohoo! :) You did have a busy weekend girl! :) So sorry I didn't get a flower for K2's easter dress. We will make some together when you come to visit :)