Monday, February 11, 2013

Three Years

Three years ago today, we finalized Hunter and Kaleigh's adoption.  They had been with us nearly a year, and when they came to us, their case was supposed to be finished quickly.  They were nearly through the TPR (Termination of Parental Rights), and just needed an adoptive placement before the judge would complete the final step.

It turned out to be more complicated than that, and more than once we contemplated throwing in the towel; but God had other plans.  He kept tugging our hearts toward fighting for them, and He was faithful to see us through those difficult times.

It's hard to believe it's been a whole three years - and it's hard to believe it's been only three years.  They both continue to thrive, learn, and grow as little people.  I am very proud of the way they have handled all the changes that have come into our family the past three years.

And most of all, I am blessed that they call me "Mom."


  1. Mom. Mommy. Mama.
    Such incredible, meaning filled words.
    You deserve the title and the role.
    Never forget, God used you to change their lives forever with love.
    *hugs and love*

  2. Yes, you are blessed, and so are they. <3