Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nothing Exciting...

I wish I had something fun and exciting to post, but I really don't.

Unless you think chasing two sometimes-crabby toddlers around the house/yard/store all day is fun and exciting.

I did make the Pinterest Flubber with the three bigger kids yesterday.  They LOVED it.

I've been mentally preparing for the start of the school year, but now it's time to start more than just mental preparation.  As we always start on the Tuesday after Labor Day, we have just over two weeks until the first day of school.  Each year since moving here, I have been presented with at least one additional challenge: this year brings several.  Hunter will be in eighth grade and Kaleigh in second (which I think is the harder of the two for me to wrap my head around!)  K3 will be doing more Pre-K work this year; we will have a little more focus than last year, but I still plan to give her more play than anything.  Last year, in addition to my three students, I had a (mostly) infant.  This year I have two toddlers.  It will be an adventure for sure!

I've maintained a pretty decent summer routine, but I'm sure it would bore the reader, so I won't detail it out here.  But I think having that daily routine will help the transition back into the school year go a little more smoothly.

I have a few more things to get - I'd like a large bookshelf for the school room, and the kids still need notebooks - and I have a few little school room projects to do.  I need to make die cuts for the calendar, hang the white boards, and do a little rearranging to make the area more study-conducive.  Other than that, I'm feeling pretty ready.

I didn't get nearly as much done as far as house projects as I wanted to this summer.  I'm hoping to cram a lot into these last two weeks, but we'll see.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. By now you are in the midst of school stuff. Hope you got it all done and had a good beginning. My granddaughter started preschool on that Tuesday after Labor Day and has been doing very well with it. Our schools around here all started back in mid August so they are now into week 5. The days are rushing by.