Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Baby Yet...

We are a family waiting for a baby.  Sometimes, I liken us to a family where the Mom (that's me) is pregnant, and we are all anxiously and eagerly waiting for the day when the baby is born.

Except with the possibility of a much longer labor period, and without the big belly and over-the-top emotion swings. 

This week, I almost went into labor early.  Except without all the incubators and ventilators and feeding tubes and not being able to hold the baby.  When Randy and I were away, we got a phone call for a 2-week-old baby girl.  She had to be placed right away, and since we weren't home, she had to go somewhere else.

It was a little disappointing, but honestly, only a little.  Because I know that since it didn't work out, she wasn't our baby.  God will deliver our baby when the time is right.  Not when I think it's right, but when He knows it's right.

And anyway, my due date's not until November.

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