Friday, January 28, 2011

To Do List 1/28

Well, Randy ended up staying home yesterday with a sinus infection.  It's always nice to have him here, but inevitably interrupts our daily routine, not to mention any plans to get things done.  I did get some more things into garbage bags, but I'm not crossing anything off until it's completely finished.  I hope to get that finished today, as well as getting the stuff over to Goodwill's donation center.  I would also like to make some homemade cereal and some homemade snack bars today :).

We got an email from our Realtor yesterday morning stating that the Seller was out of town and we likely wouldn't hear anything until Monday.  I'm a little bummed and a little nervous, but trying hard to just keep praying, keep calm, and carry on.

In the meantime...

  • Gather paperwork for mortgage guy
  • Get large garbage bags for everything slated for Goodwill
  • Put said stuff into said bags
  • Take all bags of stuff to Goodwill
  • Finish filing 2010 paperwork
  • Get filing box for 2011 filing
  • Set up 2011 filing box
  • Get Rubber*maid or Steri*lite containers for transferring storage that is currently in cardboard boxes
  • Transfer and label said storage items
  • Continue packing up items that are not currently needed.  Be selective, and toss anything that is not useful/important/essential
    • Some packing in living room
  • Go through each person's clothes and separate for moving, storage (seasonal), or donation to Goodwill

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