Monday, May 2, 2011

We Are In...

...and we love it every bit as much as we knew we would!  Even though things are EVERYWHERE and everything is unorganized and in disarray and furniture is still in pieces.  This is HOME!

The movers came Friday.  We cleaned the old place Friday night and gave the keys to the landlords on Saturday.  We hung out at my mom's Saturday evening, Middle and Little took their first shower/bath in the new house Saturday night, we went to church with my mom Sunday morning, and we took my parents out to eat after church.  We did a little work around the house in the afternoon, then went to Lowe's and picked up new door hardware so the whole house would match (oh yeah, and so we would have all new locks.  Guess that's kind of important too.).  Randy is installing those now. 

Last night I worked on homework while he hung curtains over our bedroom doors - yes, our new bedroom doors have windows in them, because they came from an old barn back when the house was built.  It's good our bedroom is basically alone on the second floor ;-).  By the time I finished my homework, I was too exhausted to run the jacuzzi for the hot soak I had been thinking about all day. 

I have been washing sheets and blankets all day today; I am finally into the actual laundry.  Tonight I have class and need to stop at Walmart for a few things on my way home.  It will be a toss-up as to whether a hot bath is sorely needed or I am too tired again to fill the tub!

I really wish I didn't have to go to class tonight.  I am exhausted and really wanting to get things done around the house.  Tomorrow I have a hair appointment in the middle of the day, so that is going to kind of break up the day and make it hard to get things accomplished.  Wednesday is Randy's last day off before he has to go back to work.  It would be really nice if he and I could get some time alone after all the hullabaloo of moving.  We'll see though; I rather doubt that is very likely to happen.

Off to check laundry and get ready for class.  One more after tonight!

Edited to Add:  I thank God every single day for providing us with this amazing place to call home and raise our children!  It is a HUGE blessing to our family.  But I realized today while rereading my post that I didn't mention that here, and I want to make sure everyone knows:  GOD IS GREAT.  Not just because He provided us with a house, of course, but we give Him all the glory for it.

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