Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Day!!

Today is our last day actually living in our little house! 

Tomorrow morning we have our final walkthrough and then our closing.  Then we will come back here, load up our cars with things we are not sending with movers - TVs, food, etc. - and suitcases with clothes for a few days, and head down to the house.  I will begin cleaning, and Randy will come back for another load or two plus Ryan, and we will stay at the new house tomorrow night.  Thursday morning Randy will bring Ryan back for school.  I may or may not follow him up here, depending on what is left to be done up here - I'm betting that I will be coming.  If we have a lot of the non-mover stuff out of here by then, we will do some cleaning here - the bathroom, the floors, etc.  I'm hoping to get as much done on Thursday as possible so we have less to do on Saturday.

Friday the movers come, so we'll only be without furniture for two days.  Today I bought an air mattress so Randy and I wouldn't throw our backs out sleeping on the floor.  The seller is leaving us a daybed, because he doesn't need it, so Kaleigh will sleep on that.  The boys will sleep on the floor with blankets and sheets and the GIANT pillows I am almost done making them. 

Well, off to continue packing.  I have pretty much had my fill of packing tape and bubble wrap!

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