Monday, April 18, 2011

9 Days / Packing Update

Well, we are down to the single digits!  It is hard to believe we are one week and two days away from handing over a large portion of our savings account and moving into our new house!  I think I am into the pinching phase now - this house is our realistic/moderate dream home.  That is, I know we could not have found a home we loved more that was in our price range.  It's hard to grasp the idea that we will soon be moving out of "postage stamp" and into "practically perfect in every way."  We have been squeezed into this tiny home (that again, we have been SO grateful for!) for over three years now (ever since we got our first foster kids), and it feels wonderful and indescribable and nearly inconceivable that we will finally have all the space our family needs.  I remember last summer when I was really beginning to feel desperate to move, and the Holy Spirit spoke quietly to me and reminded me that God is in control and would bring us to the home for us when the time was right.  I then began to pray every day that He would do just that, and help us to be content and patient while waiting.  Now that those prayers are coming to fruition, I add the prayer that God will help me to never ever take for granted the blessings He has given and is giving us every day.

Sorry for that ramble, but apparently I just needed to get it out!

Randy and I were able to get LOTS more packing done this past weekend.  I have a list of things to do this week - besides packing I also have several school assignments to do, some filing to catch up on, and some freezer meals to make for our first week or so in the new house.

Next week Monday and Tuesday I will be packing the last of the dishes and all of the nonperishable food items from my "pantry" shelves and the kitchen.  Tuesday I have to go get the cashier's check for the closing; Wednesday morning we close; and then we will be loading up our cars with stuff we don't want the movers to take, and heading down to the new house.  I plan to do some cleaning there, starting with the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, and pantry; and Randy will be making another run or two from the old house to bring more items that we don't want the movers bringing.  If I get my first cleaning things done, those runs will include frozen and refrigerated food, and in between stocking the fridge and freezer, I will work on cleaning the floors and carpets.  If there's any time left in the day - and if I'm not totally exhausted! - I'll work on unpacking the other items.  Thursday morning my mom will come watch Middle and Little, while Randy and I take Ryan to school and come to the old house to do some cleaning and bring more items, if there are any left.  Friday morning my mom will come get Middle and Little and take them back to her house, while Randy and I take Ryan to school and meet the movers at the old place.  If there is still anything left for us to take, we will load up the car and follow (lead?) the movers down to the new house, where I - um, I mean WE (bahaha!) will direct the movers to the appropriate places with the boxes and furniture.  I love to be bossy in charge the ORGANIZER.

Sorry - that run-through of my future schedule was probably sort of boring, but it helps me feel less chaotic if I list out the plan and can refer back to it later :). 

If you are so inclined, please pray for us during this crazy time!  Lots going on, some general and some specific.  There is a specific situation that I would appreciate prayer for, but can't give details here.  God knows, so please just pray that He will work out the details smoothly and without unnecessary... processes.


Off to file!

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