Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well - if you aren't keeping track (or just didn't bother to read the title) - we are down to one week until closing.

Needless to say, I am a *teensy* bit frazzled.

I have been stockpiling individual sized homemade freezer meals for a couple of weeks, and this week I am supplementing that with family sized freezer meals, so today I made a lasagna.  I figure for at least a week after the movers leave, I won't have the time or energy to cook, so I'm trying to prepare ahead for that.  Tomorrow I'll make a family sized chicken and broccoli pasta.  Friday I'll make a family sized baked mac and cheese.  That will probably be all I can manage for family sized, but I will also have plenty of individual meals, as well as sandwich stuff, and a freezer full of roasts and hamburger.  So I think we will be good while we settle in.

Our closing has been moved back 2 hours (originally scheduled at 9) to accommodate a final walkthrough in the morning.  Apparently the seller has actually PLANNED to finish moving out the morning of closing.  I can only shake my head, because I cannot imagine planning to finish at the last minute.  I am the kind of person who plans to finish something several days ahead, so that even if it takes me an extra day, I am still ahead of the game.  I just don't get it.

After a couple of challenging days with the kids, they are both having a very good day today.  I hesitate to write that and hex the whole thing, but I figure I have a responsibility to put it in print, since there is a strong likelihood that no one will believe me later!

I have been going through the tedious process of getting homeowner's insurance rates.  It looks like we will be very likely staying with our current insurance company, because all the quotes I have gotten back so far have been really high.  Like, speck-in-the-upper-stratosphere high.  I don't understand how companies like that stay in business, but I guess it's not my problem. :)

Well, I guess I need to get back to work :).  Later!

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