Saturday, April 2, 2011

25 Days / Packing Update

I cannot believe we have only 25 days until closing.  Four weeks from today, we will be cleaning up the old place, looking around for the last time, and walking out the door to start out in a new place.  It boggles my mind to think about it.  I am very thankful that God gave us 5 years in this house; it was a blessing at the time we found it, and as we have outgrown it, God has given me the opportunity to experience difficulty and inconvenience so that I would never take the awesomeness that is our new home for granted.

This week I got some of the boys' stuff packed, and Ryan decided to pack most of his clothes, as well as some of Hunter's.  I also spent a large chunk of time yesterday packing my closet and a couple of my drawers, as well as about 3/4 of Kaleigh's toys and a few articles of her clothing.  My entire closet is emptied now, except for Kaleigh's dresses and my formals.  Two of my drawers are emptied, and the third drawer in that dresser is just some baby items that will be easily packed into the "baby stuff" box; then that dresser will be empty.  Tomorrow I will be moving those boxes down to the living room - which, along with the basement, will be the "staging area" for the movers to take from - and also doing some more work in the basement with Randy.

Yesterday I used up the last of our Large boxes and almost all of our Medium boxes, so we'll need to stop and pick up some more either tonight or tomorrow morning.

We really need the IRS to get on the stick and get us the rest of our return, so if you are so inclined, please pray that that happens soon.  Thanks!

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  1. Praying. You're way ahead of the game, Kate, no matter how much time pressure you feel. I love you.