Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, I am happy to say our first weekend with our newest little member went very well.  It was nice to go to bed last night knowing all my Littles were tucked into their beds and I didn't have to "return" any of them.  As of this morning, this is officially the longest K3 has spent with us, and God-willing, it is just going to keep getting longer.

In some ways, this weekend served as a bridge.  As difficult as it was to have her here and then gone repeatedly for two weeks, I know the visits were a good thing.  I don't think she quite comprehends that she is going to be staying; she mentioned taking things back to "her house" and bringing things here from "her house" - meaning her previous foster home - several times.  It's certainly a normal and expected phase, and I'm not worried about it.  But I do think that having had the visits will help with this part of the process.  If she had been moved here without meeting us or having visits or any of that, I believe the adjustment would be much more difficult.  

Also, the visits gave us all a chance to experience the "honeymoon" a little at a time.  Don't get me wrong - I think we are still in that phase.  But, Kaleigh and K3 have gotten used to each other during the visits, and now the true "sister" phase is really starting to begin.  K2 is really going to have to learn a few things about being a big sister, not the least of which is that being the big sister does NOT make you the mom.  K3 is learning what it means to have a sister in general, as she had only foster brothers previously.  And both girls are learning that as much fun as it is to have a sister, it is still okay to have some alone time once in awhile - especially since they both have become accustomed to playing alone.  The testing of the household guidelines has already begun.  And the prayers for wisdom and grace and consistency have already increased!

A weekend was a good time to do the move.  It gave us all a chance to settle in a relaxed atmosphere, and was nice not to feel like we had to stick to a routine - as much as I miss the routine on weekends.  I am looking forward to starting a new week and getting back into the routine in all aspects - Hunter is back to school work after his spring break week - and helping K3 really begin to realize that this is her home now, a place she can belong and feel safe.  

I have a couple of activities in mind for the next couple of weeks, and look forward to sharing them here as the Shan Clan experiences them.  Until then, Happy Monday, and enjoy the start to your week! 

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