Monday, April 9, 2012

A Whole Weekend!

A very lovely- and busy! - weekend has come to a close.  We had K3 from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening - and loved every minute of it!

We started with our usual Shan Clan Friday Family Movie and Pizza night - we picked up pizzas from Papa Murphy's, which we haven't had for a LONG time, and watched "Happy Feet 2," which the kids have been dying to see.  Then we put three Littles to bed, and watched "Hugo."  Well, Hunter and I watched Hugo while Randy slept on the couch!  It was a very good movie - had a bit of a slow start, but ended up being quite interesting.  Hunter very much enjoyed it.

Saturday morning, I got the four kiddos up and ready and hauled them to choir rehearsal with me, because Randy had a hair appointment.  We had arranged for a sitter to be there, so the kids had a blast.  After practice, we went home and had lunch and quiet time.  Randy took advantage of the beautiful weather and golfed at Petrifying Springs!  After QT, the kids and I met a friend and her grandchildren, who were visiting from out of state, at a park.  It got quite chilly while we were there, but the kids didn't care!  Saturday night we cooked out for dinner, I put curlers in the girls' hair, and once the Littles were down, the boys watched movies while I worked on the zillion and one things I had to have done before Sunday morning!  I got everything done and was in bed by 1:30, but the Little Man woke me about four times between then and 5:30, when I had to get up.  Thankfully, my wonderful husband got up to feed him at 4:45 so that I could have just a few more minutes of rest before beginning my early day!

The girls got up early and went to my early rehearsal with me, so that Randy would only need to worry about getting the boys ready.  We had two amazing services at RBC - the second service really blew me away.  I know I've said it before, but I have to say it again: I just love our music ministry, and feel so blessed to be a part of it.

After church, we had Easter dinner at my mom's, then came home so the kids could hunt around the house for their Easter baskets.  We had to have K3 back to her foster family by 6:30; while I was taking her into the house, they told me they can tell she is really happy with us.  That made me feel really good.

We won't have her for any visits this week, but she is moving in on Saturday.  I have much to do this week, getting Kaleigh's room ready to be a two-girl room.  I need to put some shelves on the walls for Kaleigh's more valuable things, like dolls and her jewelry box.  I am also going to put in a new toy/book system, so that Kaleigh's things will be up high and K3's things will be down low.  Then they will have a toy box to keep things that belong to both of them.  I HOPE I will be able to keep them organized!  I also have a few other organizational tasks around the house that I am going to TRY to get done before Saturday.  We shall see!

I am thinking about some things I want to do with the yard this year.  I know I want flower gardens in both the front and back yards, and I would like to plant a few veggies and herbs, but that's all I've decided on so far.  I don't know exactly what I want to plant, or where I want to plant it.  We also need to do some more brush-clearing, particularly in the back yard, and that will probably affect the "where."

Well, the Shan Clan is on spring break this week.  Randy is home for three days, so we have a few different kinds of fun planned.

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  1. Sounds like a fun filled busy weekend Shan Clan! You know who to call when you want to plant flowers! :) Would love to help!